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Dude Thats Not What I Meant is a podcast where Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss and about what is political correct and incorrect.
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May 28, 2016

On this Episode of," Dude Thats Not What I Meant" Adrienne Brandyburg takes control of the ship! Our guest is Michael Njuguna Robinson!!! He's a hilarious comedian that is one of the producers of the, " MLK Kings of Comedy" and he runs a popular open mic with Adrienne. Rodescu was too busy tripping on weed brownies so we had to invite Michael on the show for the special segment "DUDDDDDE THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT" We find out some pretty juicy info on Mike and hopefully none of this information messes his luck with the ladies. Remember this is a comedy podcast... Nothing we say is real.... RIGHT!?!??!!?!?



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May 25, 2016

WHOOOAAAA!!! Ten Episodes in guys! I can't believe you we're still doing this. This is the, " Dude That's Not What I Meant" Podcast. Here on this podcast Adrienne Brandyburg and Rodescu Hopkins are all over the map! Rodescu thought he was recording the first 15 mins and realized he didn't. WHAT A IDIOT!!! Clearly Rodescu is still a rookie here. 


On this podcast we introduced a new segment called, " I'm Sorry". If you don't know we don't issue out many apologizes being that this is a comedy podcast, but Rodescu felt it was time to own up to his actions.


Adrienne and Rodescu also hand out a personal invite to Charles Wade. This guy has done fuck up shit and we wanted to send a personal invite to this creep so he can explain his actions.


Also someone got a new Dick. Not Adrienne, but some joker in New York. Great for that guy right!! 


Alright so listen to the podcast and make sure to leave a comment subscribe. Share with friends and lets keep doing this thing!!!

May 18, 2016

Hey guys!!! First off thanks for downloading  and listening to the podcast. We really appreciate it. You can follow us on twitter at @whatimeantpod for all the updates on the show or at our personal twitter. @Rodescuhopkins and @Adriennedennise. On this episode we are pretty sure Rodescu is tripping off of a weed brownie. He isn't making much sense so sorry in advance. They talk about Azalea Banks fighting kids on twitter, Rodescu explains why men can't help but date women like her, and they try explain the game men and women play. We're pretty sure thats when the weed brownie started to take affect on Rodescu. Enjoy!!

May 11, 2016

Hey everybody! On this Episode Rodescu has special guest Bill Bullock on the podcast. Bill is a talented comedian in Chicago and he runs a number of shows. One called Cole's Chicago Cabaret and another very popular show called, " Congrats on your Success". In this episode we went through Bill's twitter for the special segment called, " Thats not what i Meant " and some of his tweets was very concerning. If you want to see his shows just follow on twitter @BillRbullock and you can see what we was talking about! ENJOY

May 1, 2016

BEEEEEEEYYOOOONCEEEEE!!!!! Adrienne BrandyBurg and Rodescu Hopkins go in on the Beyonce visual album. Birdman and his goofy interview with the Breakfast club and Tom Brady being suspended again. Also pilot from JetBlue flew a plane drunk to New York... Are even surprised now?? I mean it's JetBlue. 


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