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Dude Thats Not What I Meant is a podcast where Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss and about what is political correct and incorrect.
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Sep 22, 2017

      Hey Folks! On episode 57, the team discuss the whole Kevin Hart Scandal. Torrei Hart also had some words about Kevin's cheating. Rodescu didn't like that. Just to give you all a heads up Rodescu didn't like much. Like the fact that Kyrie Irving has left Rodescu's precious Cleveland Cavaliers for Boston. Kyrie went on ESPN's, " First Take" and seemed to have no love for the Cavs. Rodescu claims that as a, " Dude Thats Not What I Meant " Moment. Also a teacher dragged a student out of class because he didn't want to stand for the flag. This is a juicy episode folks so check it out!



Sep 16, 2017

On episode 56, the team of Rodescu Hopkins, Adrienne Brandyburg, and Ty Riggs brings on a special guest. Sonal Aggarwal! Sonal is a good friend of ours and we was lucky to get her on the podcast.


On episode 56 we go through Sonal Facebook and learn that she has way more skills under her belt. Fire dancing, she is basically the Indian mother of all comics in the Chicago Comedy Scene. Also note that, " Dot and Feather, Sticks Together". 


Sonal help produces, " Congrats for your success " which happens first Thursday of the month at Uncharted Books here in Chicago! Right now



Aug 20, 2017

On behalf of everyone here at, " Dude Thats Not What I Meant" Podcast we send our love and support to the people in Charlottesville. Keep fighting.


On episode 53 Adrienne Brandyburg and Rodescu Hopkins get heavy into Baby Mama drama. Rodescu has a questions for the ladies getting their child support checks. Also Trump doing the old classy Trump bit. You know, where he says stupid shit and we freak out. Neo-Nazi's and White supremacist have teamed to come after the minorities in America. This is a heavy race episode folks so strap in.

Jul 29, 2017

Episode 50 is here. First off... We would like to thank everyone that has downloaded, shared, liked or disliked this podcast. To everyone that helps and gives us tips we appreciate it. We have a good episode this week. Rodescu and Adrienne talk about R.Kelly and his alleged slaves, John McCain being a idiot, and is Conor a racist??? We also go over our favorite episodes so far on the podcast. Please feel free to share your own favorite episode on our twitter @whatimeantpod. Thanks for all your support guys and let's keep this shit moving.

May 11, 2017

On episode 43 Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg have on the hilarious and smooth Marc Levalle. Marc is a comedian in Chicago. Adrienne and Rodescu bring on Marc to clear up some rumors about him in the comedy scene and their undercover detective finds some very interesting photos and quotes from him. Check out the latest episode guys! Enjoy!

Mar 29, 2017

Episode 40 is finally here!!!!! Calvin Evans joins Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg on, " Dude Thats Not What I Meant". On this episode Rodescu and Adrienne goes through Calvin's twitter and find some crazy videos from his past. Calvin was featured in Kevin Hart, " Hart of the City", Showtime's Shameless and is a national touring act. This is a great episode and we hope you guys enjoy!

Mar 22, 2017

Hey folks! On this Episode of, " Dude Thats Not What I Meant " Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg have a special guest on. Jillian Ebanks!!! Jillian is a very talented comedian, actor and producer in the Chicago Comedy Scene. She co-produce a comedy show called, " BAPS" with Adrienne Brandyburg and she performs all over the city. Rodescu and Adrienne had Jillian on to discuss some suspect videos they found on Jillian early in her career and Rodescu and Jillian decide to go see the movie, " Get Out" together. Really deep shit here right? 




Feb 15, 2017

Hey people! Episode 37 is here. On this episode Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss The Charles Oakley Ban at Madison Square Garden, Marlon Wayans gets sued for his tweets, and of course Trump. Enjoy!

Jan 12, 2017

On episode 35, Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss yahoo tweeting Nigger Navy. Which became a popular # on #blacktwitter. Trump had his first press conference and called a reporter, " Fake News". The Golden Globes just passed and Meryl Streep had some words about Donald Trump in er acceptance speech. Also keep a look out for the newest film called, " Hidden Figures"!








Jan 3, 2017

Happy New Year guys!!! Episode 34 is FINALLY HERE!! Adrienne Brandyburg and Rodescu Hopkins talk about Steve Martin Tweet about Carrie Fisher dying, Men getting weave in their hair, and Don Lemon getting yanked off the air because he was drunk. Rodescu also shares his first daily cry ever on this podcast!! Happy New Years again guys!!!! Don't forget to share like and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher! 



Dec 15, 2016

On episode 33 Danii Gallegos joins Rodescu on, " Dude Thats Not What I Meant " Podcast! This was recorded before the pipeline attacks ceased just FYI. They discussed Danii's Activism, Craiglist mis-connections, and Danii gives Rodescu tips on how to make woman have orgasms.


Danii Gallegos:

Adrienne Brandyburg: @adriennedennise

Rodescu Hopkins : @rodescuhopkins



Dec 8, 2016

Episode 32 is out! Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss a sex cafe in Europe where people are having sex with robots, CVS apologizing for racists employees and  Man and woman moves the it comes to the opposite sex.

Dec 1, 2016

On episode 31 Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne discuss a wide variety of topics. From Nick Cannon comments about planned parent hood. To Trump saying that people who burn the flag should lose their citizenship. Also Gucci Man proposed to his Fiancé and he didn't kneel. Should men kneel??? Well Rodescu and Adrienne discuss all this in Episode 31 of, " Dude Thats Not What I Meant " Podcast.




Nov 22, 2016

Episode 30 is here guys! On this episode Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss Kanye West comments on Beyonce and the walk out from his show. Donald Trump tweeting....STILL. Obama made a couple comments about Trump in the New Yorker about Trump not being ready Presidency which he received a little backlash from. All discussed on episode 30!!









Nov 16, 2016

Hey guys!!! Episode 29 is here. Rodescu Hopkins ( @Rodescuhopkins ) and Adrienne Brandyburg ( @adriennedennise ) are back! On this episode they discuss social media after the election, Dave Chappelle performance on Saturday Night Live, and the racist remarks of Pamela Taylor about Michelle Obama.


*******Disclaimer********** Rodescu just bought new cords and doesn't know how to work the mixer correctly! Just a little heads up.




Oct 22, 2016

Episode 27 is here!! On this episode Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg land a hot guest! An international act and one member of the Martin Luther Kings of Comedy ( MLK'S ) here in Chicago, Jayson Acevedo!


Clearly in this episode Rodescu has agenda. There seems  to be some unresolved Cleveland and Chicago beef between. Rodescu pulls up his act and has hm answer to some crazy allegations! 


You can follow Jayson on twitter @Jaysonacevedo to see all his upcoming shows and events.



Sep 29, 2016

Episode 25 guys!! The term Culture Vulture has been thrown around a lot. Justin Timberlake took some heat and now Michael Rapaport! Don King says he supports Trump and Kanye West and Kid Cudi are beefing in Hip Hop and Kid cudi put out some crazy tweets. Enjoy Guys

Aug 20, 2016

On episode 21 Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg discuss Ellen Degeneres Tweets and Ellen being accused of racism. Blake Shelton twitter has got him in some trouble. He was accused of Homophobia. Ryan Lochte lied to about getting robbed to the police and fled Rio... because he's a idiot. We discuss all this in Episode 21!!!! Enjoy

Jul 22, 2016

Episode 18 is here!!! Mike O'Keefe joins us for a special, "Thats Not What I Meant Moment"!! Rodescu goes through his twitter to find some very alarming tweets! Also we learned Rodescu explain what he thought Jewish people was and the Irish Famine!!


Here is Mike O' Keefe website where you can check out all his shows! His twitter is @themikeokeefe!!!! Make sure you guys check him out. He's a national touring act and he looks like Fred Flintstone!!



Jul 18, 2016

Hey guys on this Episode Rodescu and Adrienne discuss Pokemon Go and how that is fucking up relationships! Kevin Durant being a straight SUCKA ( Rodescu's words not Adriennes ) and Tomi Lauren gets a personal invite to the show for calling the Black lives matter the new KKK.




Jul 12, 2016

On this episode we Jonathan Giles join us for his Thats Not What I Meant moment!!!! We discuss Azealia Banks bleaching her skin!! WTF WAS THAT ABOUT! We also did some digging on Johnathan. Found some quotes from Jonathan that a reporter handed off to Rodescu. Adrienne found some tweets and apparently don't have party around Jonathan because he has known to be a professional party crasher. Learn about his techniques in this episode!


Follow Jonathan Giles career on his website at:



Jun 30, 2016

On episode 15 Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg jump right into it. Rodescu tells the tells of Cleveland and it's historic parade. Adrienne and Rodescu struggle to figure out the difference between The UK and the BK. Justin Timberlake falls into the trap trolls and Kanye video literally leaves Rodescu and Adrienne speechless. Enjoy!

Jun 21, 2016

YOOOOOOOO Episode 14!!! Adrienne and Rodescu are back at it again!!! On this episode they discussed people shooting off fireworks in a Wal-Mart, NBA Finals recap, and Rodescu is engaged. Thanks guys and enjoy

Jun 18, 2016

Hey guys!! First off we here at the Dude Thats Not What I Meant Podcast want to send our condolences to the victims and families of the Orlando Tragedy. In this episode of the podcast we do discuss Transgenders but we want to make it clear this episode was recorded before hand. Hopefully we can laugh together and push forward.


We discuss Lil B, GhostFace Killer and Jasmin Carter Rise in the Cleveland Comedy Scene!



Jasmines  Instagram : __Jasmyn


Jasmyn Twitter : @KISSMYJAS




Jun 3, 2016



If You're not a fan of basketball or Shit talking this might not be the episode for you!






This is the Dude Thats Not What I Meant Podcast!!! An Special NBA Edition!!! Here on the podcast we here the final results to the epic one on one battle between Rodescu Hopkins and Adrienne Brandyburg. Spoiler alert!! Rodescu beat her one on one in basketball. Also they Adrienne and Rodescu do a play by play commentary on the NBA Finals and Rodescu discuss why he hates The warriors and why Lebron James is the greatest player in the world.




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